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Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello?? Is Anybody Out There??

Just testing to see if anyone is still out there...

After nearly 5 years of married bliss, Trueborn and Fab are expecting our first child in April 2014! New blog to follow... if anyone still cares. :)

Fab and Tru

2016 Update:
As 2016 draws to a close, I am in awe of the life ST/ Trueborn and I have created together.
It seems so unreal that our journey started here, nearly 10 years ago! 
I am so grateful for our life together and the beautiful life we literally created... our 2.5 year old son. He is truly spectacular in every way!! 
Thank you to all of you who supported our journey along the way and those who drop in here from time to time. I miss our little community, it seems we have all "moved on" from Blogsville but I will never forget the impact you all had on our lives.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

And So Our Journey Ends...

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It is with bittersweet irony that the Single Girl's Blog comes to an end. I've gone back and forth on this and have come to the decision that the inevitable conclusion of a Single Girl's Journey Through Life has arrived.

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The Back Story
This blog began innocently enough, nearly four years ago. I was embarking on a major life change and needed an outlet to purge my feelings, ponder my confusion and ultimately reach out to the universe in some hopes of perspective and peace. I was tired of filling scores of journals that sat idly in my closet, as if shelved thoughts gathering dust. I would send my thoughts out into the universe and miraculously enough, the universe would speak back. In the form of comments, I gained invaluable feedback on many issues that I struggled with over the past few years. I gained insight from others and possibly gave insight along the way, as well. The transformation that this medium has initiated in me, is truly astounding. I found that I craved the feedback, enjoyed the camaraderie and became somewhat addicted to posting my thoughts and seeing how others might respond. Throughout the past few years I have come to truly cherish many of you out there. It makes me realize that though we live on different continents, in different cultures, have different backgrounds... we are at the core of our beings very similar. We are human... we are humanity. The world is smaller than ever before and I take much comfort in that.

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What I've Gained
When I first embarked on my blog journey, I was scared, confused and a bit lost. I was looking for something more, something greater than myself, something greater than the immediate world around me. Here I sit, years later, having found so much more than I could have ever anticipated. Not only have I stumbled upon a group of truly witty, passionate and inspiring people.... but people who helped me in ways that they may never know. I would like to call you friends, though we have never met. These people know me better than some family members and have brought so much to my life, that I will never know how to truly thank them. I will still be popping in and seeing how your lives are going and offering my two cents here and there. But, this Single Girl is hanging up her title and embarking on a new chapter, out in the real world.

My search for the "ultimately elusive" true love ends here as well. This blog has brought me far more than friends, perspective and peace... it brought me true love. I met him here, in cyber-space through Steph, who resides thousands of miles away from us. I'm not even sure if she knows her hand in fate. But I'd like to thank her for bringing us together; for that, I am eternally grateful.

He was another "searcher", someone looking for the same things as I. I knew we had an immediate connection, but never thought for one second that it could be anything more than a crush. After all, we were in "cyber-space". The funny thing is, because we had been so open, so honest, so unprotected in all of our posts when we finally met, there was absolutely no pretense, no walls, no guards. I knew him, as he knew me- really, for the first time in my life someone really knew me. We fell in love and I am so lucky to call him my own. I plan on spending the rest of my life with him, as he does with me and it's only a matter of time until we can start living our life together. I credit this blog and this medium for bringing me the love of my life. I believe in my heart that because I healed my heart through writing on this blog nearly every day for years, that I was ready and open to love when I met him. I believe that we would have met one day, if it hadn't been this way... but I am grateful that it was much sooner than later. He is my soulmate, my gift, my world. He has brought so much happiness and love into my life and I will cherish him for the rest of mine. For those of you that thought you had figured it out.. yes, you were right. And he is as amazing as you think, and then some.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
As my journey as the "Single Girl" ends, I find comfort in the fact that another begins. A greater, more fulfilling, inspired journey begins today. You may see me pop up again, somewhere else, maybe this medium or in some other form. But know this, you have impacted my life and I will be forever grateful for that. I will be keeping an eye on you, my friends and wish you the greatest reward and awe-inspiring happiness on your journey.

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The Single Girl aka Fab, aka Wonder Woman (yep, you heard it here) is signing off....

Safe Travels. I'll leave you with my current favorite song...

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